Is Patience Really a Virtue?

In the last few days various things have been happening in my life that has made me really start thinking about the commonly statement “patience is a virtue” and wondering if it is actually true or not.

I have always wondered about the validity of this statement and thought do people really believe if it is actually true or not or if they only believe in it to make themselves feel better when they have to wait to get what they really want.

Sitting here now I’m randomly thinking of examples that make me believe in it...
(Admittedly I think I have always had faith in this statement but I don’t know if I’m wrong or just really hopeful?)


1.Waiting to start a new job – With the current employment situation, for the sake of this example I am a recently graduated university student with a degree in Fashion. (I’m using Fashion as my example because I know how hard it is trying to get in to it...)

I have been looking for a job in my desired job sector for a little while now but because I know how I am as a person I choose not to just get a job doing anything apart from relating to my degree etc. But I need money so start working in a hotel in the meantime while still looking for a job in the industry.

(I know this is getting a little long but I know where I am going with this so stay with me please!?)

With my new job in the hotel I meet different types of people to cut a long story short I meet a guest who works with a magazine and is also a fashion stylist what “I” want to do...
She tells me that the magazine is looking for a new stylist and tells me to apply and is willing to help me because she likes me.
I basically get the job but is the job that much better because of how long I waited for it? Did my patience help me eventually get what I wanted? And more importantly I am really happy now?

2.Friends to partners – I have a male friend and the lines have always been blurred between us so we talk and decide to try being more than just friends. This example is harder to use because it not something that always happens but I want to give this a try and we will see if it works...

Did taking time getting to know my male friend properly when we were “just friends” helping our new relationship? Is being patient with him now he is my boyfriend going to help or hinder our relationship?

What do you guys think? Do you think I am completely wrong in my judgements? Can you think of better examples than the ones I have used? Have you got your own personal experiences that you can tell me about and most importantly did it make you happier because you waited for it?

I would love to know...

Con Amor

Gemma Ama



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