Inspiration - Who Inspires You?

I recently become a fan of Zoe Badley’s blog called QQUEEN OF HEARTS. Catching up her blog today I came across this entry about inspiration ...I started to wonder who my inspiration is and how they influence me to do the things I do.
(Please read some of her other blog entries if you have time she seems like a cool person even if I don’t really know her...)

*Plus her sense of personal style is A-MAZ-ING you can do nothing but like someone like that ...pretty and can dress what more can you ask for in a person!*

In Zoe’s blog she wrote the following:

“Inspiration takes many forms. It can be the rise and fall of a lover's chest while they sleep or the summer night you laid alone, watching the stars fall. It can be that one song which, without fail, makes you cry every single time. An inscription inside an old novel, so worn out that you can barely understand the words. A love letter that's tucked away in a dusty shoe box, hidden in the linen closet. Or maybe it's the change of seasons, when everything feels right and nothing hurts. Whether it's fleeting, brief or ever-lasting; there's no limits to its influence.”

I have always wondering where I get my influences to do most of the things I do then I realised why I couldn’t pinpoint where the inspiration came from.

It is simply...

I get it from everything and everywhere
AROUND me. Some people can openly say that one particular person or book or whatever it may be is their inspiration but I can’t. I prefer to draw it from different things that I see, hear, read and witness. So for that reason I don’t have an inspiration but instead I have several inspirations and each and every one of them is equally as important as the last or next place that I draw it from.

But what inspires you?

I would be really interested to hear everyone different influences.

Oh just before you leave this page take four minutes to watch the video makes you really see the bigger picture what is actually important in life.

Con Amor

Gemma Ama



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