Seriously Just WHY?

I've been meaning to post this up ever since I saw the picture below like two weeks ago but I really do have a memory like a fish (something I'm constantly battling with but fail miserably) so forget things at times. Plus I'm getting to go to university soon so kinda been occupied with that!

If you guys have been following my blog then you properly remember me posting an entry a while back entilted Just Why?
If you want to have a look at it to remind yourself or just to look at it here is the link

Bai Ling.

I still don't know what she is famous for *a bit like Kim Kardashian...oh sorry I forgot she is a "style icon" I cringed when I heard that*

I'm starting to think it is for her horrible dress sense I'm sorry if this sounds mean but it is just absolutely horrendous!

She did it again...why doe she continue to torture the public with her "personal" style?


She needs a personal stylist as soon as possible there is being invidual and there is taking it to far!

Con Amor,

Gemma Ama



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