Just Why?

I know Kelis has always been a bit OUT THERE but seriously this is taking the absolute biscuit! The only thing that strings to mind when I see this HORRIFIC excuse for an outfit is WHY? Oh why?

And don’t even get me started on this woman (Bai Ling) I have absolutely NO idea who she is but when I saw this picture the first thing that came to my mind was “Did she SERIOUSLY put all her dirty clothes from her holiday on her body instead of in the suitcase she is pulling along?!?”

Come on?


Just WHY did you do it guys?

Con Amor

Gemma Ama



Anonymous said...

I saw that Kelis pc aswell and fort the same thing. Her hair is what kills me the most tho lol

Gemma Ama said...

Looooool the hair is pretty bad...the WHOLE look is just a train diseaster from HEAD to TOE!

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