The Silence Has Been Broken!

Tiger Woods has FINALLY released a public apology to his family, friends and sponsors over the allegations made against him and his infidelity.

I think it was a very COURAGOUS thing for him to do seeing as he has been under dramatic FIRE since the stories came to light.

(I still think it is debatable if even half of those women who came out with tell all stories about him are real or not. I'm just saying! But that is a separate blog entry altogether and we would be here for a while!)

But for those that have seen it... was it just me or did the whole thing seem as staged as Chris Brown’s apology after the Rihanna drama?

It is just the whole speech sounded pretty robotic like he had been rehearsing that speech that he was reading for like what...FORVER?!

Don’t get me wrong a man got to do what a man got to BUT I think it would have worked out better in his favour if it had come from a genuine place and it may have hushed some of his critics about his speech?!

Just a thought...

But if I was him and I had that much to lose financially (minus what he has already lost...) then I would definitely do the same!

Side note: I think I'm going to contradict myself with my opnion below seen as I want a career in Journalism but hey...such as life!)

And everyone makes mistakes (even celebrities despite how the Media can (sometimes) make them out to be SUPER HUMANS who never make mistakes or are incapable of doing wrong!)
What he says near the end of his “authentic” speech really summaries what he and everyone should take from a bad situation:

“It’s not what you achieve in life it what you overcome” – Unknown

I say well done for the effort Tiger!

And for those that haven’t seen it here you go:

Side note: The longer version is available on YouTube for anyone who may be interested!

Con Amor

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