We Are the World...25 Years Later

I know I'm probably behind with posting this up but I been busy and still trying to get my head around this Blogger thing but anyways...

I've wanted to hear the re-make of the song ever since I heard it was being made.

And it has FINALLY come out with a video and come out with a video and I LOVE IT!

What really touched me is the little boy in the blue t-shirt "captured in the beginning of the video, standing on the roof of a dilapidated house, smiling and waving."

I still unsure about the need for the collective rap written by Will.I am but I really like Kayne West's addition. As well as Wyclef Jean used of the official language.

I'm loving the way since the diseaster struck everyone has done what they can to help those in need.

Like Jamie Foxx says right at the beginning of the video "do more than just watch but to reach deep in your heart and give anything you can". They may be in need but they shouldn't be looked at with pity but rather like great prospect with how they will overcome this tragedy...

Remember every little counts!

Peace, love and hairgrease! (I ALWAYS wanted to use this phrase but most of my lovely friends have told me not to...can't think of why!?
So seeing as this is my blog... I can do and SAY what I want :P)

I LOVE the power of freedom of speech!

On that note..sorry for the delay with postings etc like I said now getting my head around Blogger plus working so forgive me but stay with me BIG changes will be happening in the next couple of months with my blog and that.

Con Amor,

Gemma Ama



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