The Silence Has Been Broken!

Tiger Woods has FINALLY released a public apology to his family, friends and sponsors over the allegations made against him and his infidelity.

I think it was a very COURAGOUS thing for him to do seeing as he has been under dramatic FIRE since the stories came to light.

(I still think it is debatable if even half of those women who came out with tell all stories about him are real or not. I'm just saying! But that is a separate blog entry altogether and we would be here for a while!)

But for those that have seen it... was it just me or did the whole thing seem as staged as Chris Brown’s apology after the Rihanna drama?

It is just the whole speech sounded pretty robotic like he had been rehearsing that speech that he was reading for like what...FORVER?!

Don’t get me wrong a man got to do what a man got to BUT I think it would have worked out better in his favour if it had come from a genuine place and it may have hushed some of his critics about his speech?!

Just a thought...

But if I was him and I had that much to lose financially (minus what he has already lost...) then I would definitely do the same!

Side note: I think I'm going to contradict myself with my opnion below seen as I want a career in Journalism but hey...such as life!)

And everyone makes mistakes (even celebrities despite how the Media can (sometimes) make them out to be SUPER HUMANS who never make mistakes or are incapable of doing wrong!)
What he says near the end of his “authentic” speech really summaries what he and everyone should take from a bad situation:

“It’s not what you achieve in life it what you overcome” – Unknown

I say well done for the effort Tiger!

And for those that haven’t seen it here you go:

Side note: The longer version is available on YouTube for anyone who may be interested!

Con Amor

Gemma Ama



There is one thing that I have realised about this generation and that is we don’t understand the meaning of a true relationship. I’m not talking about the sugar coated lovey dovey FALSE kind of stuff we all see through the Media nowadays.


I’m talking about the old fashioned love our great grandparents and grandparents had...The without a second thought for themselves UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.

In this day and age that we are growing up it seems like we have lost that sense of what it really means to be in a loving, fulfilling relationship with another human being.


“Your choice in partner is an extension of who you are, where you are going and where you want to be in life so who you choose to be with represents who you truly are as an individual.” – Gemma Ama

I have a friend let’s call him Mr. Chupa Whupa for this entry...

There was a stage when Mr. Chupa Whupa was in a relationship that he no longer wanted to be but he chose to stay in it. He justified it to me by claiming that he cared deeply about the female in the question and if he stayed with her things would eventually work between them. In his words....“He would ‘grow’ to love her”
Since when was love about forcing yourself to feel something that wasn’t there to begin with?

Pardon me if I’m wrong here but if a relationship isn’t working what makes you think staying in it without discussing the problems within it will make it any better? The above statement from him made me realise that people our age group don’t understand what being in a real profound relationship is and also we are starting to act older than we actually are but that is a separate issue altogether...All the same it is still wrong!

Realistic why do need to be in a relationship just for the sake of it at our age?

It doesn’t and NEVER WILL make any sense but it seems like a very common and recurring issue in a large majority of relationships with individuals in the age group of 16 to 20 year olds. (And sometimes even older!)

One thing about Mr. Chupa Whupa is he doesn’t like being alone. I don’t know why but he is just one of those people who always NEEDS to be in a relationship even though his reasons for actually being in it are more for his benefit rather than if he actually likes the girl or not.
I’m sure we all know someone like that.

Another thing I’m trying to work out is why some of us always feel the strong desire to constantly be in a relationship even when it is purely for the sake of having COMPANIONSHIP from another individual...Is it the influence of society, a personal issue that some of us have to deal with or the fear of being alone?

But my question is what is so wrong with being alone?

Especially at this age!?!... in fact this time in our lives is the PERFECT TIME to EMBRACE being alone!
Before all the responsibilities of getting older come along...Working, bills and children!

It’s scary to think that we don’t really get to enjoy the most of our carefree lives properly anymore.
(That is a completely new blog entry in itself..)

If there are people out there who manage to be by themselves (sometimes by choice) for most if not all their lives then why can’t we as young adults manage to be alone until we are genuinely ready to commit to another human being PROPERLY and whole heartily?

“You cannot be lonely if you like the person you're alone with.” - Wayne W. Dyer

We need to remember that we cannot have a fulfilling relationship with others until we like the person we are and have established a meaningful PERSONAL relationship with ourselves FIRST!
“Personal relationships are the fertile soil from which all advancement, all success, all achievement in real life grows.” – Ben Stein

It’s just something to think about...

Con Amor,

Gemma Ama


We Are the World...25 Years Later

I know I'm probably behind with posting this up but I been busy and still trying to get my head around this Blogger thing but anyways...

I've wanted to hear the re-make of the song ever since I heard it was being made.

And it has FINALLY come out with a video and come out with a video and I LOVE IT!

What really touched me is the little boy in the blue t-shirt "captured in the beginning of the video, standing on the roof of a dilapidated house, smiling and waving."

I still unsure about the need for the collective rap written by Will.I am but I really like Kayne West's addition. As well as Wyclef Jean used of the official language.

I'm loving the way since the diseaster struck everyone has done what they can to help those in need.

Like Jamie Foxx says right at the beginning of the video "do more than just watch but to reach deep in your heart and give anything you can". They may be in need but they shouldn't be looked at with pity but rather like great prospect with how they will overcome this tragedy...

Remember every little counts!

Peace, love and hairgrease! (I ALWAYS wanted to use this phrase but most of my lovely friends have told me not to...can't think of why!?
So seeing as this is my blog... I can do and SAY what I want :P)

I LOVE the power of freedom of speech!

On that note..sorry for the delay with postings etc like I said now getting my head around Blogger plus working so forgive me but stay with me BIG changes will be happening in the next couple of months with my blog and that.

Con Amor,

Gemma Ama


Happy Valentine's Day

I know it is the day of LovE and all that BUT I think more importantly its Pancake Day on TUESDAY!!

My chance to enjoy sugar coated loveliness without the guilt of feeling like a greedy so and so :D (Like I need a reason anyways...)

Sounds great to me!!


Side note: This blog entry has absolulutely nothing to do with the fact that I don't have a Valentines but more with the fact that I think Valentines has become a commericialised EXCUSE for the capitalist materalistic society that we live in to use it as a way to make money from poor unsuspecting souls who have been disillusioned by LovE!

And if there are 364 other days in the year...why limit it to one day?!?(if you "love" and "care" about someone then show it any and every day of the week!) Just because we have been TOLD to do so by society?

Side note: Please note gifts would kindly and grateful be accepted should anyone feel the need to get me the Pandora bracelet and Gucci shoes I been lusting after even since I laid my EYES on them!
I'm against CAPITALISM not gifts =)


Con Amor,

Gemma Ama


I'm LOVING This Song!!!

For some reason I'm not the BIGGEST fan of Miss RiRi.


The look of
SHOCK on SOME of your faces right now - PRICELESS!


The video makes a change from some of her more recent stuff which has been quite dark.

Rihanna's comments on her new video: "It's completely different from any other video I've shot before. A lot of my videos are really dark and edgy and tough. "Rude Boy" is more playing along the lines from my roots. We used a lot of colour, but also the costumes were very Jamaican dance-hall-queen type."
"It's p
retty freakin' cool."

I AGREE with you!

It is also directed by Melina Matsoukas who also directed her "Hard" video.

Her sense of style and eye for
HION is still LOVELY! Loving the gold robe chains (still need to purchase my own...)

Enjoy the video =)

Con Amor

Gemma Ama


Keri Hilson

Two words: Absolutely beautiful!

You Have to Get Burnt Before You Learn!

You must be thinking what the hell is she going on about?


Following a conversation I had with a dear friend of mine about a certain situation I was in she made the statement above. The statement stuck with me as I was slightly confused by what it meant (and kind of wishing it wasn’t true). This a rough outline of the statement she made since I can’t remember it all!

“He can tell how many times he doesn’t like what you are doing but at the end of the day it is up to you! Just look at how many times I’ve told you I don’t want to carry on in this situation but have you listen to me? *Long agreed pause* Yeah and that is because at the end of the day you are not going to listen to me. I have given you my opinions on this situation numerous times but you
HAVEN’T listened. When you want to get out of this situation then you will. It’s as simple as this have to get burnt before you learn!”

It wasn’t until I reflected on my own situation that I really understood what my friend meant by the statement. Hence where the inspiration for this blog came from.

You see no matter how many times someone tells you about how bad a certain situation/ person is for you (whatever it maybe in your case...pick as appropriate)...

There is only one explanation for that and that is...YOU HAVE TO GET BURNT BEFORE YOU LEARN!

What I mean by this is you can be told various different times by various different people what you should do on a certain situation but you WON’T listen (trust me I’m one of those types of people myself).

Let me use relationships as an example. When we like someone and everyone around us is telling us he/she isn’t good for us, we still do what we want regardless. I think the reason for this is as human beings we like to think that people can change and that maybe this time round things will be different.

Unfortunately not.

Reality check...You can’t make someone change until they are
WILLING and READY to be changed themselves. I know its sucks but life’s a bitch.

“If life’s a bitch, better make everyday your wife” – Fabolous

I know this is hard to deal with. (I’m still getting my head around myself unfortunately)
We’ve all heard the saying “if you love someone let them go and if they come back...” That saying is similar to this. I know this is hard to do when we love someone and want to protect them from harm but you have to let go. Sometimes you have to allow them to make their own mistakes and learn from it. That is the best thing for people sometimes.

Letting them make these mistakes makes them a

The most important thing is you are there for them should things not work out the way they planned to with whatever it is you told them not to do.
And remember....they are probably feeling upset enough without you having to say “I told you so”

WON’T help them and 9 times out of 10, they will probably realise that you was right and appreciate the fact that you didn’t say (in my opinion) unhelpful phrase.

And ... if it is you who has to get burnt before you learn, please remember:

1.Making mistakes are a part of’s what you
LEARN from these mistakes that the most important thing.
2.Never regret the decisions you make, they are what made you the person you are today!
3.Everything happens for a reason...

The following are quotes I love to read because they keep me positive and inspire me in difficult times. I hope they can have the same effect on you that they had on me =)

“Vivere senza rimpianti” which is Italian and translates to “To live without regrets” Unknown

“The longest journey begins with a single step.” Unknown

“Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can.” Danny Kaye

Con Amor,

Gemma Ama


Just Why?

I know Kelis has always been a bit OUT THERE but seriously this is taking the absolute biscuit! The only thing that strings to mind when I see this HORRIFIC excuse for an outfit is WHY? Oh why?

And don’t even get me started on this woman (Bai Ling) I have absolutely NO idea who she is but when I saw this picture the first thing that came to my mind was “Did she SERIOUSLY put all her dirty clothes from her holiday on her body instead of in the suitcase she is pulling along?!?”

Come on?


Just WHY did you do it guys?

Con Amor

Gemma Ama